How Athletic Shoes Impact Sports Injuries: What You Need to Know

Athletic Shoes Impact Sports Injuries, Hoosier Foot & Ankle

Athletic shoes differ from casual and dress shoes in many ways other than style. Shoe companies use different materials when making the outsole, midsole, overlays, and other parts of athletic shoes. Companies also use specific designs that are geared toward helping you avoid injury while playing sports and exercising.

Before you buy your next pair of athletic shoes, you can make a better choice by learning more about how different shoes protect various parts of your foot. You can also talk to our doctors at Hoosier Foot & Ankle to make sure you choose a model that’s right for your foot and sport.

High-ankle construction can protect you from sprains

A lot of athletic people come to Hoosier Foot & Ankle with ankle problems. In many cases, one of our doctors can look at a patient’s shoes and immediately spot the culprit.

When playing sports that require a lot of lateral movement, you need to wear athletic shoes with high ankles. High-ankle construction in a shoe provides additional support that can prevent sprains. If you find that you “roll your ankle” while playing sports like basketball and soccer, then you may need to get new shoes with more ankle protection.

Our doctors can help you choose a type of shoe that matches your needs.

Inserts can improve the arch support of athletic shoes

Most athletic shoes have high-quality footbeds that give someone with a typical arch the support they need when running, jumping, and playing sports. Depending on your arch’s shape, though, you may not get the support you need from typical athletic shoes.

If you need more arch support, we can get customized orthotic inserts that will protect you from developing flat feet. We can also teach you some exercises and stretches that will improve your foot strength and relax the muscles.

Forward-motion shoes can keep you moving forward

Forward-motion shoes have designs that make it easier for runners to move forward, mile after mile. The designs can help you avoid fatigue and ankle strain.

If you play sports that require side-to-side movement, though, you shouldn’t wear forward-motion shoes. During games like tennis and baseball, you should wear shoes that allow more lateral movement. Otherwise, you face a higher risk of ankle injuries.

Too much padding can put your feet at risk

Runners need shoes that protect their feet by absorbing shock from the road. With your feet striking the ground hundreds of times over every mile you cover, the shock can add up and lead to injuries. Because of this, you should avoid minimalist running shoes that don’t offer much protection.

Choosing a shoe with too much padding, however, could also put your feet at risk. A recent study shows that runners wearing “maximal” shoes during 5K races experienced more impact force than runners wearing “neutral” shoes.

The researchers believe that runners wearing maximal shoes rely too much on the shoe instead of focusing on form and foot strike. Shoes with less padding give runners more feedback from the ground so they can adjust their form over long runs.

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