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As durable as your feet and ankles may seem — they’re responsible for supporting your entire body weight — it isn’t difficult to fracture any of the dozens of bones in your lower extremities. If you have a foot or ankle fracture, schedule an evaluation at Hoosier Foot & Ankle right away. With five convenient locations throughout the Greater Indianapolis area and Kokomo, you have a clinic close by. Book your appointment by clicking on the online scheduling feature, or by calling the office.

Foot and Ankle Fractures Q & A

What are the symptoms of a bone fracture?

Breaking a bone in your feet or ankles doesn’t always cause obvious symptoms. When you have minor fractures, like stress fractures or simple breaks, you might feel only a little discomfort and not think anything of it. Other times, you might experience:

  • Immediate sharp pain
  • Bruising, tenderness, or swelling
  • Inability to bear weight on the injury
  • Deformity, or bone or joint out of place

Because foot and ankle fractures won’t heal correctly if you don’t recognize symptoms early and seek medical treatment, it’s important to see your dedicated podiatrist as soon as an injury occurs.

How are broken bones diagnosed?

Determining if you have a broken bone in your feet or ankles can be a challenge, only because so many bones are involved. You have more than two dozen bones in each of your feet, in addition to several bones in your ankle.

While X-rays are the gold standard for diagnosing bone fractures, because smaller bones with tiny fractures can be hard to see, your podiatrist at Hoosier Foot & Ankle is likely going to perform additional diagnostic imaging tests, including:

  • Bone scan
  • Computerized tomography (CT scan)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

To determine which type of additional imaging you may need, they perform a thorough examination, checking for tender points and evaluating inflammation. They may also ask you to move your foot into various positions and even have you put weight on it or take a few steps.

Do I need a cast for bone fractures?

Possibly, although not all bone fractures require casting. For stress fractures or simple breaks in your feet or ankles, you might do well with a walking cast that you can take off for short periods. With these minor types of fractures, you can generally return to most of your normal activities in about six weeks.

If your foot or ankle fracture causes instability, or if you have a severe bone break, you might need a cast to keep the area stable. In severe cases, you could need surgery, where your podiatric surgeon from Hoosier Foot & Ankle places special screws or plates around the broken bone to keep it stable.

No matter how minor or severe your foot or ankle fracture is, the team cares for you every step of the way to ensure you have a full recovery. They even work closely with expert physical therapists to further help you heal.

Schedule your foot or ankle fracture evaluation at Hoosier Foot & Ankle either online or over the phone.

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