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Plantar warts are known for being contagious and easy to spread to others, so starting an effective treatment plan is important. The team of top podiatrists at Hoosier Foot & Ankle can treat your case of warts at any of their five convenient locations throughout the Greater Indianapolis area and Kokomo. Because plantar wart treatments are quick, you can even get the care you need during your lunch break. Schedule your appointment by clicking on the online booking feature, or by calling your closest office. Now offering new cutting edge wart treatment.

Warts Q & A

What causes plantar warts?

Plantar warts are tiny growths that tend to develop on your heels, balls of your feet, or other weight-bearing areas along the soles of your feet. They’re caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), which enters your body through weakened skin or through a small cut. You can get infected with wart-causing HPV due to:

  • Walking barefoot in gym locker rooms
  • Sharing socks or shoes with someone who’s infected
  • Having a weakened immune system

Plus, if you’ve had plantar warts in the past, you’re highly likely to develop them again, especially if you don’t thoroughly treat them.

Are plantar warts painful?

They can be, although generally plantar warts only cause discomfort and tenderness when you’re standing or walking — they shouldn’t cause chronic pain. Aside from possible pain, you’re also probably going to notice:

  • Small, grainy lesions
  • Black pinpoints in the warts
  • Thickened calluses over warts that grow inward

While plantar warts aren’t typically a serious health concern, it’s important to recognize signs and symptoms and to get treatment early on. This way, you can prevent the spread of the infection and decrease your risk of a recurrence.

How are plantar warts treated?

Treating plantar warts can often effectively be done with a short office visit to Hoosier Foot & Ankle. Your dedicated podiatrist evaluates your medical history and current symptoms to determine which treatment is best for your specific case of warts. You may benefit from:

  • Prescription-strength salicylic acid
  • Liquid nitrogen freezing (cryotherapy)
  • Pulsed-dye laser treatments
  • Electrodesiccation and curettage surgery

Depending on which treatment you have and how well you respond, you may only need one treatment to get rid of your warts.

Can I prevent foot warts?

You might not be able to prevent every foot (plantar) wart outbreak, but you can certainly do several things to decrease your risk, including:

  • Wearing shower shoes in locker rooms or near pools
  • Keeping your feet clean and dry
  • Washing your hands after touching warts

The team at Hoosier Foot & Ankle counsels you on different things you can do and lifestyle changes you can make to decrease your risk of future wart issues.

Book your wart evaluation and get started on treatment today at Hoosier Foot & Ankle. Schedule either online or over the phone.

Because of the groundbreaking technology behind the Swift® wart treatment, you can get rid of painful and unsightly warts in just a few treatments. Find out if the revolutionary Swift wart treatment is right for you by booking a consultation at Hoosier Foot & Ankle, which boasts six convenient locations throughout the Greater Indianapolis area. You can conveniently book your Swift wart treatment appointment either online or over the phone with your nearest office.

How does the Swift wart treatment work?

Warts are known for being incredibly stubborn to treat, especially with traditional over-the-counter topical solutions. With Swift, you can effectively treat minor to complex cases of foot warts with intense microwave energy.

Swift delivers highly-controlled microwave energy waves through a specialized probe directly into your warts. Each burst of energy causes water molecules in your skin tissue to collide with one another. This creates a natural, localized heat energy effect in just a few seconds.

Cells that are infected with human papillomavirus (HPV) are quickly released. Your immune system receives a signal that a virus is present and reacts immediately to fight off the wart-causing viral infection.

Do I need more than one Swift wart treatment?

In many cases, yes, multiple Swift wart treatments are needed to effectively resolve a wart outbreak. When you come into Hoosier Foot & Ankle for your wart evaluation, your dedicated podiatrist can evaluate your warts and let you know about how many Swift wart treatment sessions you’re likely going to need.

In most cases, warts resolve in just three Swift sessions, each spaced about four weeks apart. But if you have more stubborn warts, you could need additional visits.  

Is there any downtime after Swift wart treatments?

The entire Swift treatment at Hoosier Foot & Ankle is quick and effective and requires no downtime. You can even schedule your treatments during your lunch hour. It’s possible to feel some soreness in the treated area, but it’s usually not enough discomfort to affect your daily activities.

Are Swift wart treatments painful?

Swift wart treatments can cause some minor discomfort, which is very well-tolerated. It just depends on the location of your warts and your individual pain tolerance. Usually, the sensation of Swift wart treatments is similar to getting an injection or scratch, where you feel just two to three seconds of discomfort, which quickly subsides. The podiatry team at Hoosier Foot & Ankle work diligently to ensure your Swift wart treatment is as quick and painless as possible.

Book your Swift wart treatment evaluation at Hoosier Foot & Ankle today. Click on the online booking feature or call your most convenient office location directly.

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